Wireless Vegetable Washer™

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Purify All Your Fruit & Vegetables with This Device!

This Wireless Vegetable Washer uses electrolysis technology to produce water ionization and remove any harmful bacteria from your food. It can be widely used on all types of food and is more effective than manual handwashing. What’s more? It is super easy and convenient to use as it features a wireless and waterproof design that allows you to just turn it on and put it in the water.

Remove Harmful Bacteria from Food

This Wireless Vegetable Washer is designed for food treatment. Most of the time, the food we buy from groceries is not clean and has a lot of bacteria. This device works with all fruits, vegetables, and more foods to remove any harmful bacteria in them.

Water Ionization for Effective Purification

This Wireless Vegetable Washer purifies the food with the use of water ionization. Its technology allows it to use electrolysis to change the natural property of water and purify it molecule by molecule. It is able to achieve high-efficiency purification without the use of any harmful chemicals or filters.

Widely Used On All Types of Food

This device can be widely applied to all types of foods and ingredients. It provides results that are more effective than manual handwashing and takes only 4 to 6 minutes. All meat, vegetables, fruits, and more can be easily purified by using this device!

Wireless & Waterproof Design

This Wireless Food & Vegetable Washer has a wireless and waterproof design so you can use it easily. It uses a 4400 mah large-capacity battery that is extremely long-lasting. Simply turn it on and put it in the water with your food and it will automatically purify the water and the food.