Silicone Toilet Brush™

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Say Goodbye to Traditional Toilet Brushes!

The all-new Silicone Toilet Brush is an improved version of a toilet brush. The ergonomic design allows you to bend the brush head at any angle. With Flexers™, you will never miss another dirty spot ever again!

Clean Every Dead Corner Easily

The premium quality TPR brush head is designed to clean every dead corner easily. It is ideal for cleaning the toilet lit edge and the inside grooves of the toilet.

Complementary Holder with Quick Drying Design

The Flexers™ Silicone Brush comes with a freeholder with a stable base and breathable design to allow air ventilation for quick drying.

Flexible & Scratch-Free Brush

The brush is flat and flexible in design to maximize cleaning effectiveness. Unlike traditional brushes, this silicone brush protects the surface of your toilet bowl with its friendly scratch-free design.

Quick & Easy to Clean Brush

You can clean the silicone brush head 5 times quicker and easier than traditional brushes. It helps to eliminate any unpleasant odor in your washroom.

Mountable Holder Without Damaging Wall

The brush holder can be easily mounted on smooth walls using the included mountable holder.