Paper Clip Stapler™

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Clip & Staple Your Documents with Ease!

This Paper Clip Stapler is designed to be easy to use and allows you to clip up to 30 pieces of paper at once. It has a multifunctional design and does not cause any damage to your papers at all! Most importantly, the paper clips are reusable to allow you to save costs and the environment too!

Does Not Damage Paper

This Paper Clip Stapler is designed so that it does not damage paper when you clip it. It allows you to clip up to 30 pieces of paper without causing any damage at all.

Easy to Use

This Paper Clip Stapler has an easy-to-use design that allows you to clip your documents together quickly and effectively. Simply hold the stapler over your stack of paper and press down for it to dispense the paper clip.

Multifunctional Design

This multifunctional Paper Clip Stapler not only allows you to clip documents but can also be used to clip your snacks to seal them tightly. The multifunctional design makes this tool extremely convenient and a must-have.

Reusable Tool

All of the clips that come with this Paper Clip Stapler are made with high-quality materials and are reusable. Simply remove the clips from your documents and push them back into the paper clip stapler and they are ready to be reused.