BreezeWear™ Neck Cooling Fan

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Stay Cool And Breezy Wherever You Go

Has the heat been unbearable lately? Wear the BreezeWear™ around your neck and feel refreshed while you're on the go. The BreezeWear™ is a portable fan that sits perfectly around your neck, keeping you cool while moving. It comes with a flexible body that delivers cool air towards different angles.

360° Surrounding Movement

The BreezeWear™ has an ergonomic design that will cool you down without messing up your hair. The fan blows vertically upward, which will give you the perfect cooling experience.

Three Gear Speed Settings

The BreezeWear™ has three different fan speeds, which allow you to adjust to your desired one. Hence, providing you with the most comfortable feel.

Low Noise & Flexible Design

The BreezeWear™ will not irritate you while you put them on. They are specially designed to cool you down quietly. What's more, the body of BreezeWear™ is flexible, which means it's not fragile.

3-6 Running Hours

Provide 3-6 working hours duration (depending on different speeds). Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly.