Mini Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner™

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Keep Your Car's Interior In Top Shape!

Wipe away dust and dirt from your car's seats, walls, and floors with the help of the MiniVac™. Our premium MiniVac™ is backed up by a powerful motor that sucks dirt out of each corner and crevice without a hassle.

Clean Every Corner Of Your Vehicle

The slim & mini design of the MiniVac™ can vacuum every corner of your vehicle, leaving you with a dust-free & clean vehicle at all times.

Brush Alternative for Dust Cleaning

Our MiniVac™ also comes with a brush that can clean the dust on a non-smooth surface, ensuring a more effective suction.

Low Noise Suction

We use an upgraded technology to minimize the irritating suction sound. The sound is <70 decibels, which is comfortable to hear for our ears. 

Easy Disposal

The MiniVac™ comes with a transparent dust storage that can be opened easily to throw the dust inside.

Wireless & Lightweight

The MiniVac™ is light so that it won't hurt your hands holding it for too long. It's portable too as it has rechargeable batteries.