MicroGlow™ Facelift Handset

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The Device That Gives You An Instant Facelift!

This MicroGlow Handset is a device that uses new technologies to help you sculpt, tighten and lift parts of your face! It also uses LED therapy to help reverse fine lines and diminish wrinkles. It is super easy to use and is 100% safe and painless so that you can use it without any worries!

Sculpts, Tighten, Lift Cheeks & Jawline

This MicroGlow Handset is designed to help you improve the condition of your face and make you look younger! It helps sculpts, tighten and lift your cheeks and jawline all at the same time!

Reverses Fine Lines & Diminishes Wrinkles

Having fine lines and wrinkles on your face? Fret not! Our MicroGlow Headset uses Led Therapy technology to help reverse fine lines and diminishes the wrinkles on your face!

100% Painless & Non-Toxic

Our MicroGlow Handset combines LED therapy with sonic vibration and EMS microcurrent wave using the new technology, as taking care of your skincare is our ultimate priority. It is 100% safe to use and is completely painless and non-toxic!

Easy to Use & Effective

Apply slip-agent along with some moisturizer, oil, or serum on your face and neck after cleaning the head of the MicroGlow Handset. After that, grab the opposite side of your face and tightly glide the device along your cheeks, forehead, and jawlines! Simply do these steps a few times every week, and you will notice a change in your face after a few weeks!