Magic Drawing Pen™

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10 seconds to keep the kids entertained for hours?

You read that one right folks...
Dream of powering down the screens, unleashing their creativity and keeping the little ones happy for hours at a time?

Want to get them creating and crafting without all the messy clean-up that comes with it?

Magical Floating Drawings Bundle changes everything…

Kids always saying they're bored?

They'll never be bored again...

Our magic pens are the simple, stress-free and fun way to give the kids an activity that’ll keep them entertained for hours and hours

Here’s just a few of the reasons they’ll be captivated by the magic:


Magical Floating Drawings Bundle

  • They’ll get a magic spoon no one else has!
  • Their drawings magically float on water!
  • Drawings can also become temporary tattoos! 

Bye-Bye ScreensMagic in 3-2-1...


Draw on the back of the magical spoon


Slowly dip the spoon into some water


Watch as the drawings magically floats on water

When you have real magic, who would ever want to sit and scroll?

  • Suitable for ages 2 and up
  •  BPA-free and non-toxic

What plate/bowl can I use with my Magical Pen Bundle?

Any plate/bowl works perfectly fine

How can I make my drawings into temporary tattoos?

Cut a piece of paper, place it onto the floating drawing, and place the paper onto skin. It’s real magic!

Is this safe for my kids?

Yes, absolutely! Our products are BPA safe and use non-toxic ink and materials. Suitable for ages 2 and up.