EMS Muscle Pain Relief Device™

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"These butterflies looking like massagers makes your pain fly away"🦋


Struggling with chronic back pain, spondylolisthesis and pinching disk?

Complete pain relief kit —a rare unique combination of 4 strong massage techniques that help you alleviate and prevent any type of muscle pain, discover below.

✨ Extremely effective for osteoarthritis
🩸 Activates muscle pressure, relieves discomfort
⚡️ Adjustable massage intensity to suit capability
💚 Healthier legs in just 30 days

Here it is: no more swollen ankles or uncomfortable risk.

 —all-in-one soft foam rubber unit which can be applied to any part of your body.


(Mode 1) Shiatsu: Japanese origin with principles of acupuncture.
(Mode 2) Kneading: Manipulating sore muscles.
(Mode 3) Tapping: use of rapid, short-duration pulses, a massaging mode that penetrates deep into your body.
(Mode 4) Massage: and finally, a combination of all, perfect for self-training at home.

How To Use

STEP 1:  First Twist the host with the gel patch. Then uncover the transparent film on the gel patch. Attach the instrument to the massage area to start.


STEP 2:  Press the “ON/INC” button to turn it on, the light is always on, press the “ON/INC” button again to start, and the light flashes.


STEP 3:  Press the PROGRAM button to select the desired mode. Adjust the massage intensity. Continue to press “ON/INC” to increase the intensity and “OFF/DEC” to decrease the intensity.

Clinically Proven

This  EMS Muscle Pain Relief Device™ has been recommended by healthcare professionals as an easy, effective, non-invasive, drug-free and low-cost treatment to relieve joint inflammation, and injuries, and soothe tight muscles to effectively improve your health.

What Makes Our EMS Muscle Pain Relief Device™ Special?

Find out why you should choose our ultimate massager instead of other devices