EasyPipe™ Sink Draining Hook

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Tired Of Your Sink Getting Clogged?

EasyPipe™ is a long, flexible cleaning gadget that reaches deep into the sewer and hooks up all the clogged dirt. It is effortless to use and instantly fixes your clogged sewers!


Instantly Fix Clogged Sink

EasyPipe™ is super effective in unclogging your sinks. Its long and ergonomic design allows you to hook up anything clogging your sink easily!


Long & Flexible Cleaning Hook

The EasyPipe™’s shape is thin and long so you can reach deep into the sink. Moreover, its flexibility allows it to bend like a snake and lets you reach all the tight spots.


Simple & Easy To Use

EasyPipe™ works by simply inserting the claw with the sink and pushing the lever on the other end to grab all the dirt. It is environmentally friendly and does not require chemicals or toxic irritants to clear drain blockages.

Widely Used

EasyPipe™ is multipurpose and widely used for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, bathtubs, dredging pipes, sewers and other places that are often clogged.