Dual Pressure Point Massager™

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Say Goodbye to Migraines and Muscle Aches!

This Dual Pressure Point Neck Massager is designed with two soft yet firm silicone balls that help loosen up muscle by exerting pressure on your trigger points. It is easy to use and can treat your whole body from neck to shoulders, back, legs, arms, and more!   

Relieve All Your Body Pain

Apply direct pressure and thoroughly massage your trigger points in your neck, back, leg and shoulders. It massages, squeezes, and kneads away all the tension in your body, making you feel at ease.


Improve Quality of Sleep

This Dual Pressure Point Massager uses a massage style that focuses on a single point, similar to acupuncture. It helps alleviate your pain and loosens your body to improve your overall sleep quality.

Massage Away Headache & Migraines

This Dual Pressure Point Massager is ideal for eliminating your headaches and migraine. You can control the massage's pace, direction, and intensity. It relaxes you immediately after a few minutes of the massage treatment.

Increase Blood Circulation

The pressure exerted on your body created by this Dual PressurePoint Massager helps boost your blood circulation by making your blood flow through congested areas. It causes more blood to flow in your body and helps to release tension and fatigue.