Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™

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No more overpour or burning with our Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™

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There’s nothing more wasteful than accidentally pouring out a dollop of oil that’s way more than you need. When an excess of oil is poured, you either have to use it with the food you’re cooking (which can lead to burning) or pour some of it out (which is wasteful). Our Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™ makes measuring the amount of oil you need much easier, with a printed scale chamber atop the bottle for easing eyeballing.


 Suction button, work your magic

The button on our Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™ via a vacuum tube from the main chamber of the bottle into the scaled chamber atop near the spout. Just press and hold. When the button is released, no more oil is dispensed into the top chamber. From the top chamber, you can then see the measurement levels of oil and tilt the bottle to dispense accordingly.


Great for salads and sauces

You can also use our wonderful Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™ tool to measure salad dressings, vinegar, or sauces. No more overseasoning or accidentally drowning your salad in a vinaigrette.

Spill- and drip-free

Our Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™ bottle and spout ensure no dripping, spilling, or sticky and oily bottles like with traditional oils. Hold and dispense without wet or sticky fingers!

Snap it shut

Unlike traditional oil jars or bottle spouts that stick out and are susceptible to contaminants in the air, our scaled dispenser’s spout also functions as a snap-cap for a secure lock and closure.

A dependable worker
in the kitchen

Our Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™ is made from borosilicate glass that is temperature-resistant, while the spout is made of food-grade plastic. All components are hand- and dishwasher-safe and are designed to work fine by a hot cooking surface or wok. Our bottles are also well-sized, measuring 11.2 x 3 in (L x W) for easy storage and blending in on your kitchen counter.

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1* Drip-Free Scaled Oil Dispenser™