Chord Organizer™

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Say No to Messy & Tangled Chords!

This Chord Organizer allows you to organize the chords on your electronic appliances by curling them around it and sticking the end in the middle. It can be widely applied on all types of household appliances and comes with adhesive tape for you to install it.

Make Your Chords Look Organized

This Chord Organizer is the key to making your electronic appliances look organized. It allows you to curl your chords around it and stick the end of the chord in the middle.               

Wide Application

This Chord Organizer is suitable to be used on most of your household appliances! It is most effective when used on kitchen appliances such as coffee machines, air fryers, electric kettle, toasters, pressure cookers, and juicers.

Strong Adhesive Tape Installation

This Chord Organizer can be installed on your electronic appliances extremely easily and totally without any damage. It features a strong double-sided adhesive tape that allows you to attach it firmly to any surface!