Car Seat Headrest™

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Say Goodbye to Sore Necks & Back Pains After Long Travels!

This Car Seat Headrest™ is an ergonomic pillow that provides head, neck and shoulder support to eliminate all your pain and soreness. It consists of a soft memory foam that slowly adjusts to your body shape over time, giving you the ultimate sitting posture!

Ergonomic Design for Neck & Shoulder Support

The Car Seat Headrest™ is ergonomically designed for your comfort in the car! It helps you maintain a proper posture and provides head, neck, and shoulder support to reduce pain and soreness after long hours of traveling.

Quick & Easy to Install

The Car Seat Headrest™ is extremely quick and easy to install. Simply wrap it around the top of your seat, then attach the strap and it is ready to be used!

Soft & Comfortable Memory Foam

The inside of this headrest consists of a sheet of memory foam that is soft and comfortable. It bounces back slowly after pressure is removed and remembers the body shape over time, giving you the optimal position and sitting posture.

Super High Quality & Durable

The Car Seat Headrest™ is made of premium quality materials that make it extremely durable and long-lasting.