4-in-1 Flash Drive™

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Transferring Files Between Devices Made Easier Than Ever

This multifunctional 4-in-1 Flash Drive is compatible with computers USB, Apple devices, Android devices and supports Type C simultaneously. It allows you to save storage space on your phone and transfer files seamlessly from one device to another.

4-in-1 Flash Drive

This Flash Drive is a multifunctional4-in-1 device that functions like any other flash drive except it can be used on both computers and phones. It allows you to transfer your documents or files from your phone to your computer conveniently.


Save Storage Space On Your Phone

This Flash Drive eliminates the problem of not having enough storage space in your phone. You can store your photos and files on the flash drive to save storage space and prevent lag on your phone.

Compatible With Android & Type C

This product is designed with all mobile phone users in mind, not just apple users. It is 100% compatible with Android users as it includes the Android plug and comes with a Type C extension.

Seamless Data Transfer

Copy your files and documents from your phones to your computers with ease! Simply download the app and your items will show up on the drive, giving you a totally secure backup of your files.