Pet Deshedding Brush™

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Give Your Pet a Smooth & Shiny Coat Instantly!

This ergonomic Pet Deshedding Brush™ is the perfect de-shedding tool for your pets! It has a unique double-sided design that removes loose hair and tangles quickly and comfortably while protecting your pet’s skin.

Gently Removes Loose Hair & Tangles

This Pet Deshedding Brush™ gently removes your pet’s loose hair and eliminates all the tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt on its skin. It saves you the trouble of cleaning the extra loose hair before they fall!

Double-sided Design for Quick & Comfortable Brushing

The head of the brush is made of a double-sided design that brushes your pet’s hair quickly and comfortably. It allows it to catch more hair every stroke, making the grooming experience super easy.

Non-Scratching Blade Protecting the Skin

This Pet Deshedding Brush™ is carefully designed for your pet’s safety! It has a non-scratch blade that prevents hurting your pet in the brushing process!

Easy to Clean After Using

Not only does the Pet Deshedding Brush™ remove loose hair efficiently, but it is also super easy to clean! The hair comes off in a bunch and saves you a lot of time and effort.

Suitable For All Sizes of Pets

The Pet Deshedding Brush™ can be used on big or small dogs, even kittens. It's safe on all kinds of breeds.